Greyhound - kennel Fionn Clann
Greyhound - kennel FIONN CLANN


Fionn Clann – is a kennel name. Approximate interpretation may be “Light Clann” or “Pure-blooded Family”. Well, or something of the kind.

I’m not original about it, because all these are the Irish words. Since my childhood I’ve been fallen in love with the Celtic things, I have no idea why. So, my rather innocent collection of tartans and kilts (plaid skirts) later was added by perfect English dogs, who joined very harmonically.

Actually, I like horses…But there is no chance to be torn between the family, work and horse barn, that’s why my husband made a great decision, buying our first Greyhound many years ago. 

Since then we have possessed our own “little horses” in the house! There is no doubt for us – Greyhound is the best companion for every chanter.

We have lived with Greyhounds merrily for ten years. Of course, they are all the members of the family and real personality of themselves.

I hope being in good health and clear intellect, we would not part with this perfect breed for a world.

Sincerely Yours,
Arhipova Katya


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